Dr. Vijayamohanan K Pillai

Central Electrochemical Research Institute
Karaikudi-630 003, Tamil Nadu, India

Visits Abroad

17. Le Studium Conference:Future Strategies in Electrochemical Technologies for Efficient Energy Utilization at Tours, France during 07th - 09th September 2016
16. Visited US for the ongoing Indo-US Project under IUSSTF during 20th - 27th January, 2016
15. Discussion and Interaction on lithium batteries as part of the project Development of Advanced Multifunctional Materials for Electrochemical Energy Devices at NCU, Taiwan, 02 Aug to 09 Aug 2015, funded by DST and NCU Taiwan.
14. Visited USA under the aegis of IUSSTF for Indo-US Project during 15th - 28th November, 2014
13. Indo - French Centre for the promotion of Advanced Research / Centre Franco Indien Pour La Promotion De La Recherche Avancee, Nov. 29 - Dec. 01, 2012
12. India - Japan Bilateral Seminar on Supermolecular Nanomaterials for Energy Innovation, Oct. 14 - 17,2012
11. Indo Australian Delegation to the University of wollongong & CSIRO in May.01 -04, 2012
10. Invited speaker to the Indo-Brazelian conference on graphenes in August 26th -28th, 2011 at Iguaco
9. Invited speaker to the Indo-EU project on Fuel cells during June 20,2011 Helsinki, Finland
8. Invited Speaker to the Indo-French Joint Seminar on Soft Interfaces in Paris, during July 7-9, 2010
7. Member of a CSIR delegation to Germany for an Indo-German Workshop during 16th -20th March 2009
6. Invited Speaker to the 4th International Conference of carbon society and green energy during November 4th-7th , 2009 in Jeonju, Korea
5. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, during 23th -29th December, 2007
4. Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea for giving an invited lecture during the 2005 International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology on November 10th -12th , 2005
3. Visited Oxford in 2005 April, to attend a G-8 discussion meeting on energy technologies
2. Sabbatical as Visiting Scientist at the National Nanotechnology Center, RPI, Troy, NewYork, USA during 2001-2002
1. Visitor at the Desert Research Institute, Reno,University of Nevada, USA during July-August, 1998