Dr. Vijayamohanan K Pillai

Lectures delivered in 2013

1. Delivered an invited lecture at Pondicherry University organized by ECS India Chapter on 10th January 2013.

2. Delivered a Plenary Lecture at National Conference on Hierarchically Structured Materials (NCHSM 2013) on 25th January 2013 Organized by SRM University, Chennai.

3. Delivered an invited lecture at Chennai Chemistry Conference 2013 on 09th February 2013 held at CSIR-CLRI, Chennai

4. Delivered an invited lecture at International Corrosion Prevention Symposium for Research Scholars(CORSYM 2013) on 02nd March 2013 Organized jointly by The NACE International Gateway India Section, Mumbai and NIGIS South Zone Student Section, Chennai-Kalpakkam at Chennai.

5. Delivered an invited lecture titled "Applications of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Electrochemical Power Sources" in the INDO-US workshop on Nano- Structured Electronic Materials: Challenges & Relevance To Electronics & Energy Research (IUSWNM-2013), Organized by C-MET, Thrissur on 8th March 2012.

6. Annual day address at KLN - CIT, Madurai on 12th April, 2013.

7. Delivered R.K. Barua Memorial Lecture at Gauhati University, Assam on 17th May, 2013.

8. Delivered an invited lecture titled " Impact of molecular nanotechnology on materials research" in the Summer Training Program on Physics and Chemistry, Organized by IGCAR, Kalpakkam on 5th July, 2013.

9. Delivered an invited lecture titled "Transformation of Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene Quantum Dots: Size dependent optical and electron transfer properties" in a National conference on Recent Trends in Materials Science and Technology - 2013, Organized by Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram on 12th July, 2013.

10. Delivered a key note address titled " Functional nano materials for electrochemical energy storage" in an International Conference on Advanced Materials, Processes and Devices, Organized by School of Chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai on 15th July, 2013.

11. Delivered an invited lecture titled “The world of intelligent materials” at Centre for Green Energy Technology, Pondicherry University on 23rd August, 2013.

12. Delivered two invited lectures titled "Graphene Quantum Dots" and " Chemistry and the world of intelligent materials" at lecture workshop on Advances in Chemistry organized by Department of Chemistry, Gandhigram Rural University, Dindigul on 6th September, 2013.

13. Delivered an invited lecture titled “"Graphene Quantum Dots from Carbon Nanotubes: Preparation, electron transfer behavior and humidity depandant charge trap states"” at IIT Guwahati on 11th November, 2013.

14. Delivered an invited lecture titled “Chemistry and the world of multifunctional materials” at AMMRC, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on 15th November, 2013.

15. Delivered a plenary lecture titled “Graphene Quantum Dots: Preparation and size dependant properties” at National conference on surfactants, emulsions and biocolloids organized by CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai on 30th November, 2013.

16. Delivered a plenary lecture at an International Conference on Nanomaterials: Science, Technology and Applications organized by BS Abdur Rahman University, Chennai on 7th December, 2013.

17. Delivering an invited lecture titled “Electrochemical Transformation of Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene Quantum Dots and Graphene Nanoribbons” at National Workshop on “Innovations in Electrochemical Science and Technology (IEST)” organized by NIT Warangal on 10th December, 2013.

18. Delivered valedictory address at a National conference on “Challenges in Biomaterials Research” organized by VIT Vellore on 24th December, 2013.

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