Dr. Vijayamohanan K Pillai

Research guidance


M J Jaison Munaiah Yeddala Sumana Kundu Joyashish Debgupta Dhanraj B. Shinde



S. No. Name of the Scholar Thesis Title Year of Completion
1 Remyan Kannan Functionalized Crabon Nanotube Based Polymer Composites as Electrolytes In proton exchange Membrane fuel cells 2010
2 Bhaskar R Sathe Synthesis and Characterization of High Aspect Ratio Rh Nanostructures 2010
3 Meera Parthasarathy Nafion based Hybrid Polymer Electrolytes and Nanocomposites: Design and Electrochemical investigations 2009
4 Balchandra Kakade Synthesis, functionalization and wetting behavior of carbon nanotubes 2008
5 Mahima Subramannia Templated assisted synthesis and characterization of high aspect ratio, metallic nanostructures 2008
6 Sneha Kulkarni Preparation and Characterization of self-assembled monolayers on Si for MEMS Applications 2007
7 Trupti M Maddanimath Preparation, Characterization and Applications of custom designed nanoparticles, and their organized assemblies 2006
8 Niranajan S Ramgir Synthesis and Characterization of tin oxide and zinc oxide Nanostructured Materials for Gas sensors 2006
9 Jadab Sharma Synthesis and Assembly of high aspect ratio structures of Ag & Au 2006
10 Nirmalya Chaki Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical studies of Metal nanoclusters and their possible Applications 2005
11 Vadivel Murugan Synthesis and characterization of organo-inorganic conducting polymer based nanocomposites for Li batteries 2004
12 Mohammed Aslam Guided Self-assembly of Monolayer protected nanoclusters on functionalized surfaces 2002
13 Varsha A Chaudhary Gas sensing Properties of Surface Ruthenated tin oxide 2000
14 Krishanu Bandyopadhyay Electrochemical Studies of self-assembled monolayer using small aromatic disulfides and thiols on polycrystalline Au, Ag and Cu surfaces 1998
15 M.P. Vinod Effect of gelling on the behaviour of Pb/PbSO4 electrode in maintenance-free lead acid batteries 1996