Research Guidance

Recognised as a Ph.D guide in the departments of Physics and Chemistry, Pune University and also by AcSIR.
At Present five students are enrolled for Ph.D under his guidance

List of scholars received Ph.D. at University of Pune:

Sl.NO. Name Thesis Title Year
19 M. J. Jaison Modified Graphene nanoribbons for Electrochemical Applications 2017
18 Sumana Kundu Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Based Nanomaterials for Energy Applications 2017
17 Joyashish Debgupta CdSe and its Hybrid Materials for Energy Applications 2015
16 Dhanraj Shinde Electrochemical Synthesis and Functionalization of Carbon Based Nanomaterials 2014
15 Bhaskar R Sathe Synthesis and Characterization of High Aspect Ratio Rh Nanostructures 2010
14 Remyan Kannan Functionalized Crabon Nanotube based Polymer Composites as Electrolytes In proton exchangeMembrane fuel cells 2010
13 Meera Parthasarathy Nafion based Hybrid Polymer Electrolytes and Nanocomposites: Design and Electrochemical investigations 2009
12 Mahima Subramannia Templated assisted synthesis and characterization of high aspect ratio, metallic nanostructures 2008
11 Balchandra Kakade Synthesis, functionalization and wetting behavior of carbon nanotubes 2008
10 Sneha Kulkarni Preparation and Characterization of self-assembled monolayers on Si for MEMS Applications 2007
9 Jadab Sharma Synthesis and Assembly of high aspect ratio structures of Ag & Au 2006
8 Niranajan S Ramgir Synthesis and Characterization of tin oxide and zinc oxide Nanostructured Materials for Gas sensors 2006
7 Trupti M Maddanimath Preparation, Characterization and Applications of custom designed nanoparticles, and their organized assemblies 2006
6 Nirmalya Chaki Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical studies of Metal nanoclusters and their possible Applications 2005
5 Vadivel Murugan Synthesis and characterization of organo-inorganic conducting polymer based nanocomposites for Li batteries 2004
4 Mohammed Aslam Guided Self-assembly of Monolayer protected nanoclusters on functionalized surfaces 2002
3 Varsha A Chaudhary Gas sensing Properties of Surface Ruthenated tin oxide 2000
2 Krishanu Bandyopadhyay Electrochemical Studies of self-assembled monolayer using small aromatic disulfides and thiols on polycrystalline Au, Ag and Cu surfaces 1998
1 M.P. Vinod Effect of gelling on the behaviour of Pb/PbSO4 electrode in maintenance-free lead acid batteries 1996